September 1, 2010

A little taste of Home Envy

At Home Envy, we are drawn to the coastal eclectic styles that represent an easy going lifestyle.  We love white paint, bare boards and asian influences.  We love the laid back relaxed lifestyle that represents a chic Australian way of life. 

We hope you will enjoy the collections we are sourcing - Please note - most of these photos at this stage are not of designs I have carried out - when I know where the credit is due I will sing their praises!  I will also add some of my own as well! 

I look forward to your feedback

Love Mel @ Home Envy


  1. Great!!! I will look forward to reading your blog. Your facebook page is as always a great inspiration.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!! I don't really know what I am doing yet - I am muddling through it though!! Thanks Barbara! xx

  3. I hear you......
    All my favourites too!
    Have a Happy Easter......

    Tania xx

    Scandi Coast Home Australia