August 31, 2010

Home Envy and the BIG BAD BLOG

Hello fellow bloggers out there.

I have been asked alot lately if I have a BLOG and after a bit of thought I decided to set up a new blog (I have attempted this in the past and it gave me a headache!)  So here we go - a HOME ENVY blog... it will be a work in progress as I decide exactly what to bring to the table as far as inspiring all you DIY ers out there and all those arty farty types who are in love with homes as much as I am. 

So stay tuned, as I muddle through BLOGLAND.  As you know, I have a vast collection of photos on Home Envy (Facebook) and I have kept it purely visual, with no words to have to read - after all - just like sitting down with a great home magazine and a coffee - I have tried to give you the same experience on line.

The Home Envy Blog will therefore be an extension to that.

Thank you so so so much to so many of you on the Home Envy Facebook page who are enjoying all the beautiful home photos.

Love Mel @ Home Envy


  1. Welcome to blogland Mel,
    Looking forward to seeing all of your inspiration & ideas.

  2. Hi Sarah, thank you so much for welcoming me! If you are on Facebook, you can also find me there - I have hundreds and hundreds of inspirational photos of beautiful homes. Have a great day! x